Jaskier captures Geralt in a compromising position,
When the top is sloppy, you got to take things into your own hands.
An unexpected reunion
Santa's a little late this year.
Before the succubus ends your life, you have one last request.
Tensions are high as Dracula's army grows...but not as high as the tension between Alucard and Trevor.
During a repair, fighting droid, QT discovers he has an unusual glitch.
Chocolate doesn't buy itself
Maybe if Geralt used his words more, it wouldn't take Jaskier 5 orgasms in to realize the witcher was angry with him.
Rival chess players Viktor and Oliver face off in the championships.
What happens when Percy's Halloween costumes grab a bit too much attention at the company's party?
If Jaskier won't go to sleep Geralt will MAKE him.
A witch accidentally turns her boyfriend into a werewolf.
In Cryptid Hunter 2, Cleve gives the fairytale Chimera the pounding of his life.
Spiderman and Deadpool get in a battle with a villain that gives Spidey some "special enhancements".
Tobias and Xavier are married.
Percy sees Hector on a date.
The old cowboy starts his massage off cranky but finishes with a happy ending.
A vampiric Jack Ripper is on the loose.
In this meet/cute from hell, a serial killer and an alien full of hatred join forces.
Can the friendly neighborhood web-slinger figure out a way to get the bloody mercenary to behave?
A Knight comforts his Prince after discovering that he is to be wed to someone he does not love.
Hector and Percy's "Enemies with Benefits" comes to a end.
Leif is stuck in a cave, left alone with nothing but his thoughts. That is until Franny shows up.
Daddy Werewolf thinks it's time for the next step in the relationship.
The Bully has a secret.
Sun and Moon god finally meet for a solar eclipse of passion since they are usually driven apart by night and day.
This time...the demon is staying
Jaskier and Geralt have an intense conversation.
During a failed experiment, Dr. Edwin Glum unknowingly sends out a horny distress signal to an alien named Gummy.
A monster get too handsy ( or more like tentacley) with Jaskier...much to Geralt's annoyance.
Spamton X Listener NSFW audio
A witch gives their Catgirl familiar a gift
"Can you take on an orc?"
An anthology monster erotica fiction podcast.
A tsundere, himbo, 'bullies' you
CUM is a collection of short, queer, erotic audio series that focuses on monsters at a college
A demon get more than he bargains for when coming across a fallen angel.
​An erotic LGBT+ audiodrama about Bask, a dragon, & Angel, a human.
Waking up to find your wife’s head missing should be horrifying but in the world of FH, it’s a kink.
A priest struggles with temptation
A witch and his boyfriend figure out a way to 'connect' despite their distance.
A adventurer encounters a monster. How will he survive?
Love blossoms between a guy and his delivery man
Scientist Dr. Scope does ‘research’ on an alien.
A teacher ends up retelling the tale of an old classic...only things get steamy.

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