If Jaskier won't go to sleep Geralt will MAKE him.
A witch accidentally turns her boyfriend into a werewolf.
In Cryptid Hunter 2, Cleve gives the fairytale Chimera the pounding of his life.
Spiderman and Deadpool get in a battle with a villain that gives Spidey some "special enhancements".
Tobias and Xavier are married.
Percy sees Hector on a date.
The old cowboy starts his massage off cranky but finishes with a happy ending.
A vampiric Jack Ripper is on the loose.
In this meet/cute from hell, a serial killer and an alien full of hatred join forces.
Can the friendly neighborhood web-slinger figure out a way to get the bloody mercenary to behave?
A Knight comforts his Prince after discovering that he is to be wed to someone he does not love.
Hector and Percy's "Enemies with Benefits" comes to a end.
Leif is stuck in a cave, left alone with nothing but his thoughts. That is until Franny shows up.
Daddy Werewolf thinks it's time for the next step in the relationship.
The Bully has a secret.
Sun and Moon god finally meet for a solar eclipse of passion since they are usually driven apart by night and day.
This time...the demon is staying
Jaskier and Geralt have an intense conversation.
During a failed experiment, Dr. Edwin Glum unknowingly sends out a horny distress signal to an alien named Gummy.
A monster get too handsy ( or more like tentacley) with Jaskier...much to Geralt's annoyance.
Spamton X Listener NSFW audio
A witch gives their Catgirl familiar a gift
"Can you take on an orc?"
An anthology monster erotica fiction podcast.
A tsundere, himbo, 'bullies' you
CUM is a collection of short, queer, erotic audio series that focuses on monsters at a college
A demon get more than he bargains for when coming across a fallen angel.
​An erotic LGBT+ audiodrama about Bask, a dragon, & Angel, a human.
Waking up to find your wife’s head missing should be horrifying but in the world of FH, it’s a kink.
A priest struggles with temptation
A witch and his boyfriend figure out a way to 'connect' despite their distance.
A adventurer encounters a monster. How will he survive?
Love blossoms between a guy and his delivery man
Scientist Dr. Scope does ‘research’ on an alien.
A teacher ends up retelling the tale of an old classic...only things get steamy.

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