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The Story

When Dr. Edwin Glum tries and fails to create his own perfect, sexy partner, he unknowingly sends out a horny distress  signal to a gooey, pink alien named Gummy! As Gummy touches down on earth, they soon see just how pent up the Doctor is (in more ways than one) and starts to wonder if there's something to be done about that...
Edwin then interrogates the alien, discovering that they have some "interesting" morphing abilities. While these skills may be hot,  Edwin isn't desperate enough to fuck an alien... right?

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Where To Watch Streaming

Episode 1: Pornhub - Ao3
Episode 2: Pornhub - Ao3
Episode 3: Pornhub - Ao3
Episode 4: Pornhub - Ao3
Episode 5: Pornhub - Ao3

Where To Listen Steaming

Listen to minisodes here!

The Team

Produced, Co-written, Art, and Video Editing by: DCS (They/Them)
Written, Co-produced and Sound Design by: Cmakesp (She/Her)
Animator: Caal Ace (They/Them)
Music: Bo Tiger (He/Him)
Voice Actors: 
Dr. Edwin Glum by: Todd Hollow (He/Him)
Gummy by: King Deku (He/Him)
Computer by: Leah of Shallot (She/They)

How to Support the Show

Donations made via this page are amazing, and if you'd also like to get early access to episodes as we complete them check out our IndieGoGo to get those rewards and more! Or, share with your friends! We're niche so word of mouth helps a lot. Thanks so much!

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Updated 3 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(35 total ratings)
AuthorsCmakesp, DarkChibiShadow
Made withPaint Tool SAI, Adobe Photoshop
TagsAdult, Aliens, Comedy, erotica, genderqueer, NSFW, Queer, Romance, Sci-fi, Transgender
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LinksHomepage, Twitter, Blog


Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

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Gummy and The Doctor: Episode 1 and 2 [Audio Version] 58 MB
Gummy and The Doctor: Episode 1 and 2 [Video Version] 338 MB
Gummy and The Doctor: Episode 3 [Audio Version] 167 MB
Gummy and The Doctor: Episode 3 [Video Version] 702 MB
Gummy and The Doctor: Episode 4 [Audio Version] 250 MB
Gummy And The Doctor Episode 4 [Video Version] 160 MB
Gummy and the Doctor: Episode 5 [Audio Version] 178 MB
Gummy and the Doctor: Episode 5 [Video Version] 469 MB
Gummy and the Doctor: Episode 6 [Audio Version] 167 MB
Cum Here Often [Gummy x Listener Audio] 155 MB
Gummy and the Doctor - Drawing Collection #1 (R-18) 120 MB
if you pay $10 USD or more
Gummy and the Doctor - Drawing Collection #2 (R-18) 95 MB
if you pay $20 USD or more

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Will there be a game?


Probably not! And if there is, won't be for a few years at least. Thanks for your interest tho! There *will* be comics eventually. :)


:0... WOAH...


Literally obsessed, rewatched it several times and I likely will do exactly that many more times over! Can't wait to watch episode 4 in January!!! Heehee alien booba.


I liked this, I watched it twice! haha


I liked it. It was strange, but I enjoyed it.

(1 edit) (+1)

I took a look at the video version. It only appears to have one still image. Is there some sort of error?

Edit: I found the pornhub link after some searching, but I was wondering about the downloads on itch.io.


Yeah, sorry about that. The right file is now added.